The future of facial recognition

EvoFIT is an award-winning system for constructing facial composites of offenders by witnesses and victims of crime. It is currently being used by police forces around the world with great success.

This ‘recognition’ type composite system does not require eyewitnesses to have good recall of an offender’s face, unlike the traditional ‘feature’ methods. Our clients, including police forces and security companies, state that the system is much quicker to use than traditional methods. Police forces have preferred EvoFIT to other recognition systems.



Training is a vital component of successful implementation of EvoFIT; we run comprehensive training courses with assessment, or shorter application-training courses, to fit with our licence agreement.

EvoFIT courses are regularly available as a standard option for new users either off-site or our main training facility in Preston…

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Successful trials have demonstrated that EvoFIT outperforms current computerised composite systems.

The construction of a composite by assembling individual facial features is a common exercise in criminal investigations. Photofit, identikit, efit and other ‘feature’ types are old fashioned systems…

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Case Studies

EvoFIT produces composites with a suspect identification rate of 60 percent, compared to only five per cent from ‘feature’ systems.

As assessed in a formal police trial, the current suspect identification rate for forces that use EvoFIT is 60 percent, following construction of a criminal face image. Here are some of the cases where EvoFIT has been indispensable in solving the crime…

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Comprehensive EvoFIT training -- April 2018 - 19/02/2018