Training & Support

Training is a vital component of successful implementation of EvoFIT; we run comprehensive training courses with assessment, or shorter application-training courses, to fit with our licence agreement.

EvoFIT courses are regularly available as a standard option for new users either off-site or our main training facility in Preston. Training caters for existing composite officers (2 ½ day course) or those who have not constructed composites with witnesses previously (5 day course). We provide a certificate of successful course completion.

The comprehensive (5 day) training course is normally run by Dr Frowd or his colleagues and includes:

  • Review of composite systems
  • Theory behind face perception and issues related to face construction
  • EvoFIT system training and software tool use
  • Competence gained through extensive EvoFIT practice
  • Role play interview and system practice
  • Creation of identity sought (wanted) poster
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Instruction and practice using a specific artwork (paint) program
  • Creation of an identity sought poster
  • Review of ACPO Facial Identification Guidelines
  • The use of morphed, perceptual stretch and animated composites for media purposes
  • Assessment


We have provided a series of short guides for police operatives to supplement product training and support:

  • Holistic-Cognitive Interviewing (H-CI)
  • Perceptual stretch and perceptual backdrop image (PBI) format
  • Moving caricature (animated composite)