Training & Support

Training is a vital component for successful implementation of EvoFIT. In addition to reference materials available on this web page, we run comprehensive training courses with assessment, or shorter application-training courses, to fit with our licence agreements.

EvoFIT PC / Laptop

EvoFIT courses are regularly available as a standard option for new users either off-site or our main training facility in Preston. Training caters for existing composite officers (2 ½ day course) or those who have not constructed composites with witnesses previously (5 day course). We provide a certificate of successful course completion.

The comprehensive (5 day) training course is run by Dr Frowd or one of the EvoFIT training team, and includes:

  • Review of composite systems
  • Theory behind face perception and issues related to face construction
  • EvoFIT system training and software tool use
  • Competence gained through extensive EvoFIT practice
  • Role play interview and system practice
  • Creation of identity sought (wanted) poster
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Instruction and practice using a specific artwork (paint) program
  • Creation of an identity sought poster
  • Review of ACPO Facial Identification Guidelines
  • The use of morphed, perceptual stretch and animated composites for media purposes
  • Assessment


We have provided a series of short guides for police operatives to supplement product training and support:

  • Holistic-Cognitive Interviewing (H-CI)
  • Perceptual stretch and perceptual backdrop image (PBI) format
  • Moving caricature (animated composite)

The following materials are available to download for EvoFIT use only. Included are instructional videos, to be used as part of practitioner training, and materials to support composite face construction with witnesses (who may also be victims of crime). It is recommended that users watch these training videos in the order listed below. Training materials are also provided as a series of PDF documents to download for further reference.

When permitted by your web browser, the training videos open in a new window / tab.

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